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Retailers: Our Framed Letter Art Will Attract New Customers

Consumers are constantly shopping for personalized gifts from the heart for their friends and family. Our framed letter art is the perfect product to market to your customers for any occasion because it is highly customizable, easy to display, and provides great profit margins for the business owner. We are able to provide you with all of the resources necessary to start selling your custom alphabet art with our matting and frames. We can provide you with images of standard photo letters or you can create your own custom alphabet with photos of your choosing.


That is how you truly customize the experience for your clientele! With a wooden frame and glass overlay, the finished product is also durable with a professional appearance.


The word “Camden” spelled out in a framed alphabet art

How Customizable is Custom Alphabet Art?

Photo Letters

Photo Letters

The extent of customization of framed letter art is only limited by your customer’s imagination! Name art is a very popular product option in which the customer chooses personalized images in the shape of letters to spell each letter of a first or last name. This is a great idea of a housewarming gift or to celebrate the arrival of a new baby! People are always looking for new ways to show their passion for their favorite sports team. With the ability to choose unique alphabet photography of that special team, alphabet art comes through again with a priceless gift that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Do the newlyweds really need another china set? Spelling their last name or the date of their wedding is the gift that will be displayed with love in their living room unlike that fine china in the closet! Mother’s Day, Christmas, graduation gifts…the list of options is virtually endless!

It’s a Smart Business Decision

Personalized gifts will separate you from the competitors. At Station Bay Wholesale, we also realize that custom items can be time consuming and profit consuming! Framed letter art is the solution for a customizable product that is easily reproducible to maximize your earning potential. There are more reasons to choose alphabet art:

  • Great profit margin (typically 150% on average!)
  • Durable product (which means very few returns!)
  • Simple assembly
  • Minimal shelf space required for display
  • High percentage of repeat customers
  • Minimal overhead expenses

Framed letter art is available in a traditional black mat and black wooden frame. The number of photograph openings can be adjusted to accommodate any word between 4 to 8 letters in length. The standard frame is 9 inches in height with a variable width determined by word length. The photo openings are cut with perfect precision by our high-end mat cutter to guarantee quality end products.

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